Athletics is a valuable part of the overall high school experience, enhancing engagement and providing a sense of belonging for athletes.

Students who play high school sports have higher grades, better test scores, and more ambitious expectations beyond high school. As holistic educators, we are preparing our students for success in every area of their lives and we believe athletics plays an integral role in our work.

The OHHS Athletic Department is focused on five keys areas:

  1. Academic Excellence 
  2. Competitive Success 
  3. Post-Secondary Opportunities & Scholarships 
  4. Community Involvement 
  5. Student Development

In order to continue this important work, we need your help.

Our athletic programs require facility upgrades, equipment, and staffing support that just isn’t in the GRPS operating budget. Our “student first, athlete second” approach also necessitates the implementation of highly effective after-school mentoring programs for student athletes. It’s our plan to provide study sessions, improved technology, trips to colleges, and rewards for academic achievement. 

Therefore, our challenge is twofold:

• To change lives through athletics

• To raise funds that will support this important work

Through our fundraising efforts, we hope to build a first-rate athletic program, giving many young people the chance to succeed. We believe that by making a difference in the lives of these students, we will see a positive impact on the entire OHHS Athletic Department, including higher levels of student achievement, competitive performance, and a tremendous boost in team spirit and community pride. 

Please join us in supporting the “Building Champions” campaign as we seek to bolster the development of young athletes and the communities they inspire.





How You Can Help



Give by Mail:
Grand Rapids Public Schools Foundation
PO Box 2225
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Checks can be made out to:
Grand Rapids Public Schools Foundation
Purpose: Ottawa Hills High School Athletics

All donations are tax deductible.