Dorian Ford Memorial Fund

Shaping lives over the course of her 32-year teaching career.


Dorian Ford taught preschool and kindergarten from 1973 - 2005. She was very close with her students and she kept in touch with many of them as they grew up. She was a very dedicated teacher and would stay after school for hours preparing for the next day and collaborating with other teachers for special lessons. She always dressed up for Halloween and other holidays and loved playing games with her students. She had many interests; She loved to travel and had been to many countries in her life including many countries in Latin America and Europe, as well as Thailand, and South Africa and she brought that knowledge and experience into the classroom. While doing her student teaching, she lived in Guatemala for a year with her husband Will, shortly after getting married. People who knew her especially remember her warm, caring personality. She was always thinking of others. Everywhere she went she would buy gifts for her friends and new activities for the classroom. She was great at making connections with people and loved learning about other cultures. She loved the outdoors and would often go camping, hiking, scuba diving and even went sky diving once when she was in her 50’s! She would always make time for people and was the first person a friend would turn to when going through a hard time. She was very generous with her time and money to those who needed help and never looked down on those less fortunate than her. She loved music and played the flute and guitar in the classroom to share that love with her students. She also loved card games and had a regular pinochle group that she played with. She liked weird, fun, interesting people and loved to learn about people's lives that were different from hers. If you met her, she was your friend. 



Support for the Dorian Ford Memorial Fund goes to the Grand Rapids Public Schools Foundation General Fund. Your support helps students of the Grand Rapids Public Schools to learn, develop and thrive and for the Grand Rapids Public Schools to meet its own goals of education excellence.



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