GRPS Employee Campaign

GRPS Employee Payroll Deduction

As an employee of GRPS, your payroll deduction support goes right back into the programs that keep your students engaged, excited, learning, thinking, and growing. Whether you are a sixth-grade science teacher, a custodian, or a central office administrator, we are working with you to help enrich the lives and education of the students you know and love.

What your gift supports are the students in your community and in your school. Through your investment, the GRPS Foundation provides book and school supplies, art supplies, and offsets the cost of sports. It also creates opportunities for students to experience places like Blandford Nature Center, Grand Rapids Art Museum, and the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, and John Ball Zoo. Even the smallest deduction adds up to a big gift over the year. For example, $5 per pay equals $130 and when combined with others, can make a powerful difference in the lives of our young GRPS students. Enroll today!