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Becky Knack Fund

Promoting Well-Rounded Student Athletes in the Grand Rapids Public Schools

Becky Knack has lived, worked and volunteered in Grand Rapids with passion for many years. Her love of the students and the cultural arts have always been a priority to her and her husband Wally. Join us as we appreciate and honor her work as Interim Executive Director at the Foundation improving the community and school system. Her life has made a difference to many.

Becky started teaching English at Union High School from 1963 to 1968.  While raising her children, working on a master’s degree and PhD at the University of Michigan, and serving with many community organizations, Becky made time to substitute teach at East Grand Rapids Middle and High Schools.  Then, in 1985 she returned to teaching part-time and ultimately full-time at East Grand Rapids High School where she taught English, Creative Writing, and Forensics. Becky also re-started the Debate program at East Grand Rapids High School in 1985 and coached until she retired in 2008.  During her tenure as debate coach the team was regional champion for all but their first year and won three state championships.  Many years, the team was invited to the Tournament of Champions (the 10 best teams in the country) and won that title several  times. Though her team never won the overall national championship, several of the team’s best debaters were chosen as the top speakers in the country. One of her proudest achievements was being awarded coach of the year by her fellow debate coaches.